4 Best Ways to Find Ghostwriters for Hire

Choosing a ghostwriter is the most important part of becoming an author. Your writer must encapsulate your tone of voice, ideas, and visions while writing fluently in the selected genre. A proficient ghostwriter balances their knowledge and integrates it fully into your book idea to make sure the writer curates the book to meet the needs of your target audience.

Therefore, finding a ghostwriter should be an exhaustive process. When you’re looking for ghostwriters for hire, you must assess their knowledge of the genre and analyze their skills before selecting them to write for you.

This guide will provide you with detailed tips on how you find the best ghostwriters for hire for all your content needs. So, whether you need book writers, blog writers for hire, or you want SEO content writing services, you can take advantage of the following tips.

Analyze Project Objectives

The first step of finding a ghostwriter is understanding what you need a ghostwriter for. Every writer has expertise in different areas of literary writing. For instance, a descriptive fiction writer can create intriguing fantasy books, but they may not be able to bring the same emotional flair when writing a memoir. Therefore, you must point out the objectives of the writing project before searching for a writer.

At this stage of the process, you can ask yourself the following questions?

  • What is the goal of the writing project? Do you wish to entertain the audience, or do you want to educate, inform, or equip them with life-changing knowledge?
  • Do you want the piece to invoke a new perspective among the readers, or do you wish to take the reader on a journey to a new reality?
  • Do you want the readers to make a change?  
  • What is the outcome you hope to achieve from your project?
  • Do you want the writing project to increase your outreach and credibility or invite brand exposure?
  • If you’re getting a book written for you, do you want the writing to open doors for speaking events?
  • Do you wish to self-publish or publish with an agency?
  • Who are you writing the book for?

Answering these questions will give you an insight into the qualities you need to look for when you hire a ghostwriter.

Evaluate the Writers’ Skillset

One of the most important components of choosing a ghostwriter is finding someone who has all the right skills to bring your content to life. The experts in the industry combine knowledge of writing, storytelling abilities, and problem-solving skills with the ability to plan, listen, and organize all the information. The experts also convey the written material in your voice, so the true message of your writing project is reached.

Therefore, you need to keep your goals in mind when hiring a ghostwriter. If you have multiple writing projects needing SEO content writing services or writing multiple books in different genres, the best plan is to go for a ghostwriting agency. An agency hooks you up with multiple writers with a diverse skillset. You can find experts in blog writing, fiction book writing, memoir writing, and non-fiction book writing, among others. This way, you can perfect the writing

An aspect of your project.


Request A Portfolio

When you find an agency with expertise in different writing styles, the next stage is to put their skills to the test. Essentially, it is best to choose a service that can provide you with examples of their work before.

This stage can be a bit tricky. Since ghostwriters do not take credit for their work, some agencies may not feel comfortable sharing the pieces they have written before. However, you can chat with their sales team and request writing samples of the works they have produced to gauge an idea of their capabilities. The ghostwriter’s portfolio allows you to identify the type of work the writer has done before and their professionalism in their abilities. This will give you a decent idea of whether the service is right for you.

In the unfortunate case the company is not comfortable sharing their previously written content, you can evaluate their skills by checking the reviews of their agency. To start with, you can search the agency by name and discover reviews written by previous clients on renowned platforms, such as Trust Pilot or Google My Business. You can also read the testimonials on the company’s own website.


Clearly Convey Your Requirements

Once you find an agency with writers you can trust, the next step in the process is to convey your vision to the team. You can inform the ghostwriter about your availability and let them know of your approach. Some authors prefer to take a hands-off approach by allowing the ghostwriting agency to take creative control over the projects. If that is the tactic you want to move forward with, you can create a plan with the company to discuss the progress and feedback plan. For instance, the agency can send you the work in bulk for you to review.

On the other hand, if you want to take a more hands-on approach to the project, let the agency know about your style. You can let the writers know the aspects you want to keep in the content and the elements you wish not to include. The more information you provide, the more the agency can cater to your individual needs. Essentially, you can also request the writer to send you the work chapter by chapter so that you can review the writing and request changes immediately.


In Conclusion

The ghostwriter defines your content projects. Therefore, selecting the right ghostwriter for hire should be done strategically. You can start by highlighting all the goals of your project and finding an agency or writer that can perfectly meet all of them. Following this, you can assess the writers’ skillset and ask for a portfolio to see if the writing style can complete your project’s requirements. Next, you can discuss the order placement process and define your working relationship with the writer or the ghostwriting agency. These steps will help you ensure your book writing process runs smoothly.

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