Explore The Ways For Amazon Product Description Writing

Everyone knows that amazon is the largest American online retail store in the world. In 2021, around 98 million mobile users accessed this app monthly, and on average, 120 million users accessed this platform every month, according to a Statista report. This giant retailer got amazing results and stats in their sales. There is also some hand of amazon product description writing which adds to the sales of the products on Amazon. 

These sellers on amazon are working from 12 different markets worldwide so are the people who are writing amazing product descriptions. An amazon product description writer ensures that the seller’s products must show on the search list or the listing pages. A well-written marketing copy help in conversion rates, selling the product quickly and frequently. 

However, there are different writing tones that you can use in order to create a copy according to the product. Learn more about different types of writing tones

7 Ultimate Ways to Write the Best Amazon Product Description 

Here are the key points that you must know before starting an amazon product description writing:

Craft a Plot That Captures Potential Customer’s Attention 

People love Amazon and always check prices from Amazon for almost all the products they want to purchase from other stores. Customers also check the benefits of the products and the facts, bypassing google and turning to the retail sites, i.e, Amazon.

So, you must know that when you are doing amazon product descriptions writing, remember that people from different regions on Amazon check the product copy listing. Moreover, whenever writing an amazon copy, consider all the micro-moments that can grab the potential customer’s attention. Integrate the following things in the amazon product description to capture their attention instantly: 

  • Keep your description short and precise
  • Always write the best selling points on the top of the product copy
  • Keep your information organized that the browser wants to read. If it’s not aligned, no one wants to read and waste your customer’s time reading more

Always Optimize Your Content With a Perfect Keyword 

Integrating the right keywords in the product description is critical because the amazon algorithm considers both the sales landing content page and the CTS to list the product in their search results. CTS is the number of people who click on the products and then actually buy the product. 

The CTS ratio is less than 35% in actuality. As an Amazon description copywriter, you need to know the importance of accurate keyword integration into your description, as it will rank your product in the search results. Also, if the seller doesn’t provide you with any keyword, search for the most used phrase for that product and use it in your amazon product description. 

Avoid Keyword Stuffing At All Cost 

Adding too many irrelevant keywords in your product description won’t help you in the amazon product listing. Google does index amazon product listings on SERP. Keep search engine optimization in mind when writing. You can add google keywords with your amazon specific keywords too. They are different sometimes; the keywords. 

Stuffing keywords doesn’t work well. You can also add snippets to support your description. Google often uses a helpful snippet from the product descriptions as a meta description in the search results. So, you can craft your first two sentences up to 160 characters. 

Integrate Click-Through Rates Using Different Keywords 

The most effective and practical way to boost your traffic in your product description is to increase the click-through rates with your keywords to meet the relevancy score. 

You can start by optimizing your product title by adding the right keyword at the beginning of your title. But keep the structure of the Amazon in mind and create a title accordingly. 

Write Product Benefits in Bullet Points 

Readers and potential buyers of the products usually find it easy to read the benefits and facts of the product. You can write down your most important selling points in bullet form to enhance the readability score. 

The bullet points help Amazon to format it easily. It also helps the readers from the hassle of reading a long paragraph (which people typically find difficult to read compared to bullet pointers). It’s a user-friendly way to provide them with the most authentic and easy-to-read information.

Leave White Space To Scan Content 

The amazon product description you write should be easy to scan and read. You can add enough white space to make it visible and clear for the readers. You can use line breaks in short paragraphs to increase visibility and clarity. 

Align your product description in such a way that the key features of the product can be clearly identified and the benefits can be read immediately from the upfront. In addition, try to format all the product descriptions for that brand similar to the other products to provide brand recognition and easy scalability. 

Research About Amazon Product Description Writing Rules 

Anyone can become an amazon product description writer by understanding simple amazon PD writing rules. After that, you can get good amazon copywriting jobs for different sellers or amazon itself. You need to have a clear idea about the rules.

Amazon has its copywriting guidelines. An amazon copywriter must be aware of their rules. Also, the Amazon services have a Quick Start Style Guide with precise information on best practices to write a PD for amazon products. The character is limited to 200 for titles, and a specific type of capitalization structure is followed in the title of the amazon product descriptions. 

Amazon has shared a lot of writing guidelines for their product descriptions on their website. It doesn’t allow descriptions that include any spoilers affiliated with media products such as movies and books. 

You can create content informative content for Amazon products. If it doesn’t negatively impact their previous listings and status and might lead you to another job opportunity as an amazon product description copywriter. 

Wrapping Up 

Amazon product description writing is not difficult if you have a clear concept of how to write product descriptions on amazon. Everyone learns with practice. You need to practice your writing skills according to the guidelines of amazon if you want to get amazon copywriting jobs. These tips will help you to grow your skillsets as an amazon copywriter. However, always take care of grammar and spelling mistakes and critically assess for such mistakes, no matter what, because it’s the first thing a potential customer and a client notice.