Author Vs. Writer—Difference Explained

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It’s gravelling when people swap author and writer for one another, so let’s steer away from the confusion by learning the difference between author and writer.

Writer and author are two words people use to mean the same thing. The word author doesn’t only sound fancy; these two terms have different definitions. Most people think that an author is a writer who pursues writing as a career.

That’s not it. Apart from the definition, several other differences between them make them two distinctive terms. 

In simple words, we can say that authors are writers, but all writers can’t be referred to as authors. Now, would you be able to explain the difference between writer and author when asked?

Let’s discuss the author vs writer in detail.

Who is a Writer?

Well, if you get engrossed in the process of writing a person or if you spend your time writing prose, books, or short stories, you classify as a writer. People who take time to make an entry in their journal every day are also writers. 

Another interesting fact about writers is that they don’t have to write original content. For instance, journalists, ghostwriters, bloggers, or scriptwriters already have a story’s subject and main idea, yet we call them writers. Even people who have written content that has never gotten any public recognition are writers.

Who is an Author?

On the other hand, if someone writes a piece of work and it gets published, we call them a writer. Not only that, authors are people who create their own ideas. No one dictates them the stories. Their work belongs to only them. That’s why we say that it’s safe to say that authors are writers, but writers are not authors.

Comparison Between a Writer and an Author

First of all, the time a person spends on writing doesn’t make them an author. Neither a specific genre can make you an author. Several people write fictional and non-fictional stories and have a pen names. But they are not known as authors. The predominant difference between a writer and an author depends on the work that has been out there for a wider audience to read as published work.

No matter how many books you write, starting from science fiction novels, children’s books, and other literary pieces, till you don’t get any of them published, you will remain a writer. Once you publish one of these books, you are promoted to the status of an author. Thankfully, this is the time when self-publishing has become easier. Hence, anyone can fulfil their dream of becoming an author by writing and publishing original content.

Needed Skills

No additional skills are needed to become an author. A writer may have more skill and polished craft than an author. Both writers and authors just need to have a basic know-how of writing. If a writer wants to write in a particular niche, it is recommended to have book writing or domain-specific skills and certification.

Type of Work

Usually, the work a writer does is short and precise. On the contrary, an author has to think about plots and ideas and narrate them in the form of catchy stories for the audience to read. That’s why, normally, the writings of an author have a long length. 

Distribution and Copyright

The work of the writer is not published, so anyone can copy it. An author’s books are published with their name, and therefore, the book’s copyright belongs to the author.  The work of a writer doesn’t reach many people because there is no one to take the responsibility to disseminate their work. So, the audience reading the content of a writer is usually organic and small in number.

In Conclusion

The major difference between them is anyone who writes anything like published or unpublished articles, blogs, and so on. If a person likes to scribble down his thoughts, we call them writers. If you want to upgrade yourself as an author, you have The Author Tribe to help you out. 

It is an agency with a team of authors to make your content ready to be published. The question is, why do the authors write for The Author Tribe? Because they get to work as full-time professional writers in a highly productive environment.

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