Genres that Bring Immeasurable Sales

With so many genres in the industry, it’s often hard to pick one that gets you the desired results. If you’re going to write a book that would make the readers’ eyes wide open even after hours of reading, pick one of the top-selling book genres in 2022 to master. 

However, you don’t have to abide by the rules of one genre to create an addicting read. Instead, you can include a thrilling element to a romantic story or comedy to a horror book and give your readers a pleasant twist.

So, let’s line up the most popular book genres that would make an entertaining book.

How to Select a Chart-Topping Genre?

Selecting one particular genre for your book is an unnerving task. Some stories require you to pick one genre, so its components wouldn’t be overshadowed by the fusion. For instance, if you try to add too much comedy in an otherwise crime or action novel, your readers will not be able to treasure the true essence of the story.

So, the best approach is to understand the audience you are targeting. Certain readers, such as crime/thriller fanatics, prefer books that stick to the primary genre. On the other hand, people who prefer comedy are more inclined to enjoy stories that offer a fusion of genres.

Therefore, when you learn the kind of readers, you want to draw towards your book, selection of the genre will become easy. Moreover, you can then research the most popular book genres, which include children’s fiction, modern literary fiction, classic literary fiction, fantasy fiction, mystery fiction, historical fiction, young adult fiction, and magic realism, and choose the right genre for your target audience.

That being said, one of the factors that contribute to the success of a book includes the awareness of the audience. The writers who know what their readers want in a book have the potential to write a bestseller. So, writing in a preferred genre will be the ideal option rather than going for a genre that gets the most attention. 

However, if you want to write non-fiction books, you still have several choices. For instance, you can give a unique book to the readers that share a skill, idea, or experience you have learned over time. Such books can educate people to help them work with agility in different aspects of their lives. Although non-fiction books need to be proficiently written to keep the readers engaged. So, if you are having an issue with the writing style, flow, or tone, you can hire book writing services as well.

What are Subgenres?

Usually, a reader has high expectations from a book they choose to read. You can’t satisfy them with one genre. That is where subgenres come in. Subgenres are specific components of a genre that build the plot around a particular component. For example, urban fantasy can be classified as a subgenre of fantasy.

The selection of subgenres is just as vital as choosing the genre in a story. It will help you write in a specific direction that will appeal to a certain type of reader. Essentially, you can easily pick more than one subgenre.

When you find one of the most popular book genres, start looking for a subgenre that has a matching theme. You can observe this pattern by going through the books you normally read.  You can also research the trending books to discover the top-selling book genres in 2022. Let’s take a look at some of the most in-demand book genres.


In terms of popularity and sales, it’s no surprise that romance books are popular. This is a genre that has the most die-hard fans all over the world. You can add supernatural or historical stuff to a romance book to make it more interesting.


After romance books, mystery is one of the most popular book genres that has a wide audience. This genre introduces an exhilarating hook to keep readers intrigued. As the book continues, the story keeps the readers on edge. Finally, there is an unpredictable conclusion in the end. The subgenres can be courtroom proceedings, scientific mysteries, and serious detective stories.

Fantasy and Sci-fi

Fantasy books take the readers to a larger-than-life world with magical creatures, from human-like sorcerers to deadly zombies. These stories can take place in the past or future. On the other hand, science fiction books include some technological and scientific progressions that blow the audience away. The subgenres can be urban fantasy, magic realism, action, and sorcery. 

Thrillers and Horror

Thriller and horror books are mentioned together because, at some point, these stories shock the readers. Any subgenre can be picked to complement the theme of the story. The characters of these stories usually have layers, and they unfold as the story paces.

Young Adult

The teenage audience buys a huge number of books every year. From horror and romance to crime and drama, they look for propelling storylines that you often notice in books made for a more mature audience. In the current times, the young adult genre focuses on addressing several issues to enlighten the audience and change their perspectives. 

Inspirational Books

These books have the tendency to bore the readers. However, when written tactically, the inspirational books category attracts enormous onlookers internationally. In fact, many self-help books give the audience valuable insight into business success and wealth procurement. 

The Bottom Line

After reading this blog, we hope you have an idea about some of the most popular book genres to begin your writing career. Whether you choose fiction or want to tell the stories of a person’s life, make sure that it doesn’t lack originality. When you go for fiction, do some research to make sure that the story connects and that there are no loopholes that a reader would pinpoint.

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