Grammarly Premium Review 2022: Does It Make Your Writing Better?

In 2009, Grammarly was released as a writing tool for everyone who wants to improve their writing. Today, more than 20 million people use it on a daily basis. Grammarly Premium is the paid version of this tool that corrects grammar, makes the content concise, and adjusts the tone depending on the mode you choose to bring more clarity to your work.

Up until now, Grammarly is the preferred tool for writers, students, and professionals. This user-friendly tool checks plagiarism and writing skills, improving the vocabulary of the user. All thanks to the feedback system that informs about the text you need to alter.

But is Grammarly worth it for your writing to flow naturally? Let’s find out in this blog.

Where Can Grammarly Help You?

Being an AI-powered writing assistant, Grammarly can help you with everything from drafting emails to creating documents on MS-office, and writing search queries on your browser. It goes through your writing to make it grammatically correct, suitably phrased, and gives your content a character that aligns with your writing goals.

When you download a Grammarly browser extension for your PC, even the free version corrects much more than just typos. For those whose work involves a lot of writing, these extensions are incredibly useful. Stories, posts, or blogs, regardless of the content, this tool makes every content free of errors. So, you don’t need to deal with the consequences of leaving out some of the mistakes in your work. Especially if you are a beginner asking yourself “is premium Grammarly worth it?”, then the answer is yes.  

Advantages of Grammarly

This software perfects the content you write on the web. If you have downloaded a Grammarly plugin, as you write, you will receive some writing suggestions. The browser extension of the tool works for Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox. Through this extension, you get guidance when you are writing on Google Docs, Gmail, Twitter, and all the other places.

However, if you are working on Microsoft Office, it is better to get the version that is dedicated to MS office. If you don’t want to use Grammarly through a browser, you can install it for Desktop on both operating systems i.e., Windows and Mac.

To help you type on your phone correctly, you can install the Grammarly Keyboard. It is available on both iOS and Android. Then, set it up as a default keyboard. In this way, the emails and messages you write on your phone are free of errors. Not only that, tablet users can get the app to operate on their iPads.

When you start writing, the first thing you need to do is to wrap your head around the structure of the sentences. After that, you need to focus on the writing process and the number of writing mistakes you make. Remember the goal is your growth as a writer. Therefore, rather than depending on it, try to learn from the corrections it makes.

What Does the Free Version Offer?

Obviously, the Free version offers limited features like spelling, basic punctuation, and grammar correction. For instance, if you have used unwanted punctuation marks or words that are hard to read, the free version can fix it.

There are people who are not good with spelling and because Grammarly is an AI, it can check the spelling that goes unnoticed. And, the best part is that you can download it on your smart devices. only one user uses it at a time, so the working is usually smooth.

Also, safety is a concern when using an online platform to check your document. But Grammarly has solved this problem as well. The files you write or download on Grammarly are fully encrypted. Those who use a free version can keep their documents safe too.

It has a built-in dictionary that gives accurate suggestions to a person if he needs to change a word. Sometimes, it fails to identify the words in other languages and some unpopular names. The language it supports includes American, British, Canadian, and Australian English. Another drawback of this too is that it doesn’t support advanced formatting. 

What Do You Get in the Premium Version?

In contrast to the basic version, the Premium version increases the readability, give better vocabulary suggestion, a genre-specific detection, and also tells you if your content is unique or not. The premium version is great for those who have a writing career. That is because it saves a great deal of time. If someone runs a publishing firm, there will be fewer costs for the editors and the overall writing will improve. The Grammarly Premium cost keeps changing and they offer good offers as well. 

When You Should Consider Getting Grammarly?

The answer to: is premium Grammarly worth it depends on a few factors. Let’s say that in your daily life there is much writing work involved. Then, it is a must-have for you as you can get benefit from it as it helps you learn the grammar rules. On the other hand, if your work doesn’t require to have the proper format, you can go with the free version. So, who wins the Grammarly paid vs free battle depends on the nature of your work.


There is no doubt that the Grammarly Premium version gives you much more benefits than the free version. However, it comes at a cost that has to be within your budget. To check the pricing plans, you can go to their official site. In some cases, even with these features, Grammarly can’t replace a professional proofreader. After all, it can’t beat expert editors with years of writing, editing, and formatting experience. If you are not looking for just grammatical mistake-free content with a specific tone, but you need someone to mimic your writing style, you need a specialized editor. For instance, the panel of editors at The Author Tribe can mitigate spelling mistakes, and punctuation errors, and understand your editing expectations for the project.

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