Want to Become an Author? This Guide is For You.

Thinking of becoming an author? Writing a book is a daunting task that everyone considers easy. Every person has a new story in their mind that can lead to a great book. However, just having a story in mind is not enough to become an author. It takes a lot of time and energy to create a great book out of a simple idea.

It is not a piece of cake to become an author, but it is not impossible as well. Consistency is the key to perfection. With acceleration in technology rate, it is accessible for every human being to learn new skills being at home. There are many affordable courses and tools on the internet that will help you to generate a good book.

If you need to learn the tips and tricks on book writing, you have come to the right place. We have gathered all the nice tips to guide you.

Improve a Writing Skills to Become an Author

Start by polishing the writing skill you already have, for example, if you know how to compose a sentence, try to practice it as much as possible. Write your every thought down on paper and deliver it in different tones. Once you capture all the skills you know, jump onto the new skills and learn them. Despite books, start by writing chapters and short stories.

Do not lose your practice, keep trying a new skill every day to make yourself better in all.

Write a Lot of Stories

Do not jump directly on a book, as the book requires a detailed story and character. However, try writing short stories instead. Take stories from your everyday routine and write them in your words. Short stories do not demand a detailed character or the history behind them. Write personal narratives, what you think about certain topics, share your thoughts in the best way possible.

It is not important to publish your every writing. Write your every thought and see yourself getting better at composing them. Even if you publish them, don’t take too much pressure of being judged by your readers. Even though, your readers relate all your situations with their daily life.

Readers like to know about the personal lives of authors, and initially, by writing about your life phases you will get connected to a lot of genuine and honest readers. Living in a world of fake news and edited content, readers need authentic entertainment, it is your duty to provide them.

Don’t Let Perfectionism Bring You Down

You cannot write a book until you practice acing short stories. To become an author you have to practice writing a lot. The thought of writing with perfection will haunt you down someday and eventually, you will lose your confidence. The horror of being rejected by the readers is something you have to avoid, try to be as confident as possible for your work, own it.

Making mistakes is not big a deal, you develop new skills, gain more confidence and learn new techniques of writing. 

Consider Yourself a Successful Writer

Act like you are a successful writer even when you are just a beginner. Practice plenty of writing in a single day, set up your deadline and word count. Write chapters after chapters in a single go, so that you feel a flow of the story in every chapter, giving breaks in every chapter may lose its focus.

Write your everyday routine in detail, don’t publish it if you don’t want to. However, this will be good practice for your fluency.

Leave Behind Your Fear of Failure

Failure is a part of life, and you will face it at some point in your life. Be prepared for it. You may get a rejection from your dream job and you may find a lot of rejections for your manuscript but do not let those failures push you down.

Take examples from the known authors who also get rejected by the publishers but now they hold a very important role in this industry. Everyone who accepts their failures is now a very successful author, you just have to be very consistent and patient.

Writing Is an Art

Writing is nothing less than art. It is an art to put your thought into your reader’s mind through words and not everyone knows how to do it.

This art could be god-gifted or you can learn it with intense practice.

Fear of Success

To become an author, a lot of questions and fears will arise in your mind. In which, fear of success is one of them. Once you become a successful author, people tend to look up to you every time your works appear on the screens. They get very hopeful about the outcome and that may be the reason for your lack of motivation, you may find it hard to fulfill their duties.

This is what fear of being successful is, you want your every work to be as good as your previous one and that is not humanly possible. Try to create content and thought that are original and normal people can connect to them. Readers love to read about things that they can relate to.

Types of Writing

Writing a book is not an easy job, plus it gets boring when you get stuck on it for a month. Try to explore more and more areas of writing so when you feel tired of writing on one topic, you have other options to switch to.

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