The Top Book Publishing Trends Of 2021

21st-Century, the decade that is shaping up to be the largest book publishing decade on record will feature many changes. While Amazon has proven that eBooks are viable for mainstream book sales, the trendsetters from the major traditional publishing houses are taking notice too. For decades now publishers have relied on the conventional printing process and now they are learning that eBook readers offer a novel opportunity to broaden their business reach and generate more revenue.

Here’s what to expect this year.


One of the top book publishing trends of 2021 is eBooks themselves. They are taking over the traditional print media, both online and in traditional bookstores. Even traditional book publishing houses recognize the potential this holds for increased sales. It’s not a matter of if, but when they will go the digital route. As Amazon has shown, it’s a buyer’s market.

Subscription-Based eBooks

Another trend expected in the future is the rise of subscription-based eBooks. The traditional publishing houses know full well that traditional publishing provides a better Return on Investment (ROI). Subscription-based eBooks offer the same benefits as traditionally published books but can be bought less expensively per volume and delivered directly to customers. As more people realize the benefits of subscribing to eBooks, the publishing houses will need to adapt their prices and their models to remain in business with these new customers.

Hybrid Models

There will be plenty of hybrid models in place by the time the decade ends. The biggest winners will be those who use all available resources to reach the buying public. Traditional methods like ads in traditional publication media and the marketing of books via traditional publishing houses still have value even in the digital age. A new breed of publishing moguls will emerge whose entire business model is geared toward delivering digital content directly to customers. This could be a real game-changer for the publishing industry.


Another digital trend that won’t go away is the rise of “hybrid” or “e-readers”. These devices, typically equipped with a touch screen, take advantage of the advancements in modern technology to become more like traditional computers. They don’t always access traditional content. However, they can be used to enjoy a broad selection of digital books.


The biggest trend expected in the future for the publishing business is self-publishing. The advent of the iPad and other touch screen devices has made this process much simpler and affordable. For a new author, this means getting your work out to readers in as few steps as possible. The best part is that you can now get your book to the public at a fraction of the cost of a traditional hard copy release. Even for established authors, this means big bucks. The best books of the year are often self-published, meaning that their publishers are taking care of shipping and providing sales support.

Digital Bookplates

Digital bookplates are another digital trend expected to become a mainstream phenomenon. These templates make it easy for authors to create book covers and pages quickly and easily. Just as importantly, they make it easier to identify each page and determine formatting options for each section of a manuscript. While not every author will want to change their style drastically, every author would likely appreciate the convenience afforded by these templates.

The top book publishing trends of the future are still in the development stages. But publishing companies already know what’s going on. It’s up to you to decide which publishing model appeals to you. Do you want to do it yourself, or hire a professional?

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