What is a Book Writing Coach? (Ultimate Guide for Authors)

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By definition, a book writing coach is someone who will aid you in achieving your writing goals. However, a writing coach’s job is much more than that. A writing coach provides guidance, assistance, and helps you meet your individual writing objectives. 

However, getting a writing coach is not only limited to fresh writers. Rather, experienced writers also need articulate coaches to train them in pitching their work to magazine editors and other industry experts.

At the same time, some individuals hire a writing coach to help them complete a story or the proposal of an informative document. Also, a category of writers requires guidance for the traditional or self-publishing process. Behind every successful published writer, there is an editor and a book writing coach to help them pass the hurdles that get in the way.

No matter at which point you get stuck, a writing coach knows how to put you back on track and publish your story.

Three Reasons Why You Need to Have a Book Writing Coach

A book coach can help you conceptualize the final idea of a book, facilitate you to make the first draft into a whole manuscript, or provide guidance in proofreading and editing. You can get book coaches from many platforms these days, as they also provide affordable ghostwriting services at times.

To put it simply, if you need an editor-in-chief to give you constructive feedback and help write in different domains, a writing coach could be the best option for you. 

Let’s explore some reasons to hire a writing coach:

Hold the Writers Accountable

Do you know what the most challenging part of being a freelance writer is? No one is there to push you to complete the project in time. Writers usually struggle to concentrate on their work if nobody is present to ask them for a follow-up. That’s when getting assistance from book coaches can motivate you to meet the deadlines. 

Keep in touch with them regularly through one-on-one calls to keep the book coach updated about the work. The main advantage of this accountability is that you will move ahead with the first draft that has been lying on your table for a long time. More importantly, if you are a beginner, you need someone to hold you accountable more than anyone else in this field. 

A Detailed Evaluation of Your Work

When you write your first book, it comes from the heart. So, even if your first draft is not perfect, it’s perfectly fine. Book coaches can be the critique of your manuscript. They give you unbiased opinions on your work. Additionally, they will highlight the parts of your work that need amendments. 

So, if you feel like your writing doesn’t have that spark, you need a book writing coach to fix that. Boring and foreseeable storylines are the main issues with many books. Whatever the problem is, a book coach will pay attention to particular weak points of the book so that your piece of writing becomes exhilarating.

Grasp of Every Area of the Industry

Book coaches deeply understand the dynamics of the writing industry. This experience is beneficial when you have to seal a deal with a traditional publisher. Book coaches can tell you how to represent yourself to potential literary agents, create a book marketing plan for the manuscript you have written, or engage with the publishing houses. 

However, for the success of your book, you shouldn’t entirely rely on a book coach because there is no surety that you will land a good deal and increase book sales. Therefore, you should search for a name in the market known for its success in a row. 

Where Can You Find a Writing Coach?

Finding something to serve an urgent purpose is often demanding. However, if you look at this task by simply searching the internet, you can lead your way on the correct path. When you work with a writing expert in collaboration, you need to be on the same page with them. If you don’t feel that connection, how are you going to work together on a project?

The responsibility of the book coach is to motivate the author. In this industry, a driving force is crucial, so you have to choose the right coach. 

If you are searching for a writing coach in New York, you can join online writing communities. Here, you can ask people to refer to a good coach for your work. It is possible that one of the authors you like may offer their services as a coach. 

The Bottom Line

If you want to hire a writing coach, it means you are moving forward to your publication dreams at a good pace. Countless people have a dream to call themselves published authors. Many even begin working on their goals, but as they reach halfway through the process, they feel a lack of motivation. In the end, only a few are able to complete the manuscript. 

It is the quality of a great coach that inspires you to start writing your book and reach the finishing point. Throughout the process, they observe your pace and progress to ensure that the end product is exactly what you need.

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