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The Author Tribe offers unparalleled book editing services for clients looking for someone to proofread and edit their content and give it a go for publishing.

Who edits my content?

A handpicked expert having experience in your particular project will take care of copy, line, and developmental editing from page to page.

100% confidentiality

How secure is your unpublished content? Absolutely 100%, we have our proofreaders and editors sign a non-disclosure agreement that safeguards your information against all odds.

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We cater custom editorial and proofreading requirements at the first call where the client will directly communicate with the selected expert.

It’s time to work with the best in the business

The Author Tribe homes some of the finest proofreading and editing brains in the business. Our editors are proud Grammar Nazis who pride on leaving no projects unturned when it comes to catching grammatical and punctuations errors, restructuring sentences, seamlessly transitioning through connected paragraphs, and perfecting the overall layout of your book.

Our fiction ghostwriters will create dramatic, poetic pieces with unforgettable plots and narratives.

Creating captivating literatures based on facts and realities with a defined takeaway for the readers.

Extracting authentic, quality information from newspapers, publications, and real-life interviews to write valid biographies.

Creating a plethora of content pieces on the basis of accurate, relevant facts and figures that are approved across all the readers’ base.

Writing the story of your life by stepping in your shoes through your achievements, ordeals, and experiences.

Accumulating all your life memories and putting them in the finest words through an emotional stance.

Our Process

We go through a carefully crafted, agile process where each stage from the preliminary research to the final submission is suitably acknowledged and approved before moving on to the next.

Preliminary research

A detailed research is done regarding the project scope, client’s requirements, and associated minutiae to get the relevant stakeholders on board.

The first draft

The first copy of your book is written with all the major pointers and chapter intact, the content will depict the tone, structure, and overall purpose of your book.

Adding the aesthetics

Time to add the visuals! The content is filled with relevant designs and other multimedia elements to create the perfect blend of visual and textual content.

The final copy

Some additional content is added complementing the visual explanations, examples, and ensuring all the chapters are complete and adhering to the outline submitted.

Proofreading & editing

The copy is sent to one of our proofreading and editing experts who will refine the content with respect to grammar, punctuations, sentence structuring, and overall content flow.

Sent for approval

The final copy is sent to the client for approval, in case of revisions, the book reverts back and all the necessary changes are catered accordingly.


Your book is ready for launch on Amazon Kindle, Lulu, Apple Books, Smashwords, and other top eBook publishing platforms.


We’ll execute custom digital marketing strategies through content, SEO, social media, and more to ensure your book hits the right eyes.

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Cameron White

“Satisfied. At first, I was really worried about hiring a ghostwriter. My book was very specific and close to my heart. It was a tough decision to trust someone online. But all my fears disappeared when I got a chance to work with them. The level of professionalism shown by each individual in the team made me feel proud. I can strongly testify that there services are up to the benchmark.”

Holly longuski

“So far, my experience has been exceptionally good. I get immediate feedback when I have a question, which I greatly appreciate. I'm also very happy with their editing of my work. Overall, I could't be more confident I made the right decision in signing up with Author Tribe..”

Arra Hahn

“They are a very nice and creative team who always communicate with everyone and are very passionate about their work.”


“I had an idea but couldn’t complete it. Author Tribe helped edited my script and most importantly marketed the book. If it wasn’t for Natasha, Sarah, Jake, and Linda’s continued feedbacks, support and promotional efforts, it would be an abstract idea, not an actual product. Really grateful for their work.”

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