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Why should I pay someone to edit my manuscript before publishing it?

Authors must get some editorial feedback on their book before they publish it online. Editors proofread for errors that might have slipped from your keen eye during the editing process.

Who is a ghostwriter? How do I know if I need one?

A professional author who gets paid for writing anonymously for someone else is known as a ghostwriter. The person/company hiring the ghostwriter receives all the credit for the book. If you want to establish yourself as an expert but do not have the knowledge or the skills to do it yourself, hiring a ghostwriter is the best option you could go for.

What types of projects can I hire a ghostwriter for?

Ghostwriters can help you with fiction, non-fiction, autobiographies, comedy acts, TV scripts, blogs, articles for both online and offline outlets. The list goes on and on.

Are there any confidentiality issues with ghostwriters?

If you hire a ghostwriter, you sign a contract and/or a nondisclosure agreement with them. Through this contract, the ghostwriter is bound to the agreements and can’t discuss or claim any part of the project.

Will I be able to review the ghostwriter’s work throughout the project?

Yes. And it is highly recommended that you do periodically review the work so that you can ensure that the writer is not only on track but also understand the scope of work as they get on with the writing process.

Which writer will I be working with at The Author Tribe?

This depends wholly and solely on the type of project you have. Our team of experts all have different areas of expertise so that we can partner every project with the most talented writer who is the best fit for your project.

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