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Informative writing is a genre that mandates professional expertise. Partner up with The Author Tribe’s creative ghostwriters and avail the best custom informative ghostwriting services.
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Sharing Wisdom Is Your Responsibility

Knowledge is the greatest asset that any human being can have. We, at The Author Tribe, can help you tap into that knowledge and share it with the world through our informative ghostwriting service.

Data collection

Our research department scans the web and published literature to find relevant information to support your theories.


Our informative books can also include citations and references. However, the requirement must be stated by the client.

Cover Design

Our team of cover makers can also help you design a captivating cover that speaks to the theme of your book and its contents.

Partner Up With Industry Leaders

A book genre that depends on credible information requires professional assistance. The Author Tribe provides the perfect balance in adding scientific research and your experience to tailor your book the way you desire. You can chat with our experts to create an informative book in any genre. Our diverse panel of experts can handle all your demands.

Our fiction writers can conduct comprehensive research to create realistic lands, descriptions, and more.

Our teams conduct thorough research on any given topic, including self-care, leadership, marketing, and more.

Our biographies are powered by research, news articles, news pieces, literature, books, and other sources.

We also create informative content on your chosen topic. This can include marketing collaterals, pitches, and more.

The Author Tribe can also write a research-based autobiography that is built on your provided research.

Our teams also create memoirs using the information you provide and support it with additional research.

Our Process

At The Author Tribe, we take on a methodological approach to creating an informative book. Our experts carry out multi-tiered research to make your writing as dependable as possible.

Market Research

We initiate the process by studying the market trends, the popular demands, and the gap in the market for a new informative book.

Genre Research

Next, our experts study the trends in the genre you want to take on. This ensures there’s a demand for your book.

Audience Research

The Author Tribe studies the target audience to become familiar with their preferences on tone, writing style, and information.

Topic Research

Our experts also study the topic you want to discuss and collect all the updated and relevant information to support it.

Draft Creation

With the research completed, our writers draft the first chapter by integrating all your demands.

Proofreading & Editing

The draft is then sent to our editing teams to fact-check information and eliminate all writing errors.

Approval Required

Once the chapter is in good shape, we will send the draft back to the client for your approval.

Finalization Of Chapter

If you’re happy with the chapter, we will add it to the final draft. The book will then be formatted by our experts.

Client Testimonials

Here’s what our clients have to say!

Tom Greenfield

“The Author Tribe did a tremendous job with the autobiography-style book I wanted to write about my fashion icon. They collected their own research and merged it with the information I provided them. The end result was amazing. I am so happy with the work.”

Ashton Roland

“I chose The Author Tribe because a fellow author recommended their services. I wanted to write a dystopian fiction that was filled with historical accuracies. I commend the team for the descriptive quality of the content provided. The work was quite amazing. I will be working with them in the future as well.”

Patricia James

“I wanted an informative book on leadership for new managers. I wanted to share my experiences and support them with existing pieces of research. The Author Tribe did an amazing job. The book captured exactly what I wanted and the writing quality was clear, concise, and simple- just the way I wanted it. Overall, I am pleased with the service”

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