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Writing a book has never been easier with The Author Tribe’s exclusive network of content writers, who can turn your innovative ideas into books that readers just can't put down.

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The Author Tribe

Helping You Achieve Your Dream of Becoming a Published Author

From start to finish, the entire process is carried out by professional, experienced editors and writers from The Author Tribe’s content team. Combining your creative vision with our in-depth knowledge of SEO, publishing, and publishing formats, The Author Tribe’s team is ideally suited to meet all of your book writing needs, from the concept to the finished product - offering an unsurpassed quality in content creation.

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Our Services

Providing All-Inclusive Ghostwriting Solutions and Everything In Between

Established with the sole aim of delivering premium writing services, we are recognized as one of the top ghostwriting companies in the USA. Our team promises excellent outcomes and a massive online reach with extraordinary, well-curated content.

Our Philosophy

Is Your Idea The Next Bestseller?

We are obsessed with brilliant book ideas. These ideas when placed in the hands of our skilled writers and editors lead to unbelievable results. That is why we want to learn every single detail about our client's vision for their book before we embark on this journey together.

Features To Make Your Book Journey an Amazing One:
  • Impeccable running on Kindle, iPad & Android

  • Customized E-Book Covers

  • Fastest Affordable Self-Publishing

  • Multiple Revisions

Why Choose Us

Specialized Book Writing Services Focused on Generating Sales for Authors

Our expert team of unswerving and ambitious writers, editors, and publishers at The Author Tribe has a proven track record of producing innumerable popular publications.

Bestselling Writers and Editors

Our team comprises talented writers and editors who have accomplished bestselling results across several genres.

Publishing Navigation

We work directly alongside the industry’s top publishers and marketing connoisseurs, who will put together an optimal publishing strategy and be your trusted guide.

Personalized Approach

Every idea, book, and the author is unique. We pair you with a team that understands your target audience, understands the subject matter, and captures your voice.

Proven Process

Our team has the refined art of effective writing and editing which has led to the publication of more than 1,000 books, most of them national bestsellers.

We are so much more than just a ghostwriting firm. We are a team of industry professionals offering comprehensive and tailored services designed to help you achieve your book publishing goals. Let’s connect!

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Let’s Get Your Book Published

Book Writing Solutions that Exude Creativity

The nuances of book writing make it an intricate field of work. Characterization, structure, tone, grammar, and consistency are minuscule yet critical elements of writing that make it an enthralling yet conscientious endeavor. At The Author Tribe, we embark on the onus of orchestrating your book writing project scrupulously- one which does not only ensure that every element is flawlessly executed but one which also ascertains an insightful outcome that projects finesse and ingenuity right from the introduction to the conclusion.

Focusing On A

Collaborative, Creative, And Captivating Approach Towards Ghostwriting

Our collaborative approach towards our book writing process offers focused attention from several industry experts through every step of the publishing journey.

Client Testimonials

See What Our Valuable Clients are Saying

Cameron White

“Satisfied. At first, I was really worried about hiring a ghostwriter. My book was very specific and close to my heart. It was a tough decision to trust someone online. But all my fears disappeared when I got a chance to work with them. The level of professionalism shown by each individual in the team made me feel proud. I can strongly testify that there services are up to the benchmark.”

Holly longuski

“So far, my experience has been exceptionally good. I get immediate feedback when I have a question, which I greatly appreciate. I'm also very happy with their editing of my work. Overall, I could't be more confident I made the right decision in signing up with Author Tribe..”

Arra Hahn

“They are a very nice and creative team who always communicate with everyone and are very passionate about their work.”


“I had an idea but couldn’t complete it. Author Tribe helped edited my script and most importantly marketed the book. If it wasn’t for Natasha, Sarah, Jake, and Linda’s continued feedbacks, support and promotional efforts, it would be an abstract idea, not an actual product. Really grateful for their work.”

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